Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill

Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill On St. Maarten Is Terrible!

Baie Rouge, Sint Maarten (St. Martin) – On this idyllic beach in French Sint Maarten is a beach bar called Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill.

On December 27 of this year EVERYONE at Baie Rouge, Sint Maarten hated Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill! We should have known something was awry when we sat down to order and a woman sitting at the next table waved her hands in the air and screamed “This is bullshit! I’m going to the next restaurant, I’ve been waiting 2 hours for my food.”

Hey, it’s the Caribbean. Relax. Or so I thought. Eating lunch with my girlfriend the day had gone along smoothly and I played it cool. “Huh, tourists need to learn to relax. They’re on vacation.” Next was a man whose family had already left him at the table alone reading a book. This poor sap got up and yelled at the bar man “When is our food coming out!? We have been waiting for over an hour and I don’t want to sit here anymore!” The bartender didn’t seem to care in the least. The tourist was pissed, my girlfriend and I were laughing, the bartender was so high he didn’t know why someone was yelling at him. All was good.

Ordering At Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill Is Painstakingly Difficult

15 minutes go by. The waiter ambles up to our table:

“Conch Salad”
“No Conch today”
“ummm grilled Fish, with fries”
He writes down half the order. Scribbles it out and asks “What was that? Grilled fish with rice?”
We tell him again, he writes it a 3rd grade speed.
“I’ll have the fish sandwich with rice and a coke”
“Fish-sand-wich” as he writes it down “and fries, what drink?”
“No, this ones with rice. and a coke”
I fear this job is too taxing on his brain but I don’t say anything. As a former waiter I know all too well – don’t fuck with someone who serves your food.

Slowest Service In The World Is Faster Than Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill in Sint Maarten

First, let me interject with what I had come to know as Gus’s beach bar before this past day:

Known for their fresh cocktails Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill has had a fine reputation with myself, friends and has enjoyed our word-of-mouth advertisements for the past few years. NEVER AGAIN.

An hour goes by as we watch other tables get served one by one in increments of 10-15 minutes each. EVERY person at EVERY table kept staring at their watches as we were all becoming increasingly pissed off at the ineptitude of the staff.

An hour goes by and no one has come to say anything to us. I go up and ask:

“Hey man, is our food almost ready?”
“Our food, that we ordered over an hour ago”
“Umm, what’d you order”
“Uhh… fish sandwich and grill-”
“Well we don’t have any bread”
“Ya that’s not what you told me an hour ago when we ordered”
“Did you order with me”
“Are you sure it was me? Not the other guy…. a white guy?”
“No it was you. It was over an hour ago. We were sitting right there in those seats.”
His beady bloodshot eyes looked up at me in confusion.
“Ok, what do you want to eat” as he takes out a notepad.

My personal review: Now for my input and perspective on Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill. I understand slow service sometimes, as well as forgetting someone’s order. I can even understand not even checking up on a table for over an hour when you’ve served them drinks and taken their order – wait… no I can’t understand that. That last one is just fucking retarded. As someone who has worked for over half a decade in the restaurant industry I can even cope with people that get high off the reefer at work. Particularly in the Caribbean. But, when you have a whole bunch of customers complaining about your lack of service – as everyone was at Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill that day and your reaction is questioning who did you order from? Or what did you order? Or (to the man with the family that left him all alone) where do you want your food?

That’s totally unacceptable. Even in the Caribbean. We get better service at a truck stop managed by a crackhead. If they forgot your order they’d at least say “Oh shit man, sorry. Let me get that to you right away.” He’s not going to say “When did you order that? Did you order that from this truck stand?” That’s complete bullshit and as customers with so many restaurant options in Sint Maarten we owe it to ourselves to at least eat at restaurants where the staff does not lack common decency.

Gus’s Beach Bar & Grill on Baie Rouge will forever remind me of why it is not appropriate to smoke weed and hate your life while at work.

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